Protect & beautify your roof with 0800 ROOF PAINTERS.

We perform roof maintenance, moss treatment, pressure cleaning, texturing & spraying on decramastic tiles, concrete tiles, ColourSteel and all other roof types.


(Incorporates corrugated iron and iron run)
  1. The roof is treated to remove algal growth and grime (moss & lichen etc.) -a non toxic detergent/chemical is used.
  2. On completion of this treatment the roof is then pressure cleaned, (expert roof water blasting) The house & paths/gardens, all exterior fixtures are carefully washed due to roof debris.
  3. Repairs are then carried out. – All loose nailing fixed or renewed – Surface rust primed – Badly rusted parts will be replaced – Lead work/flashings that need attention.
  4. At this stage if your roof is not colour steel but galvanised iron that has not previously been painted we apply 1 coat of galvanised primer.
  5. Colour steel roofing when aged oxides very badly creating a powdery surface even after cleaning, that is where 2 coats of Procoat topcoat is then applied in selected finish an colour.
  6. All borders and edges are masked or non-sprayable areas are carefully brushed in.
  7. Quality control inspection through out an on completion.
Colour Steel Roofing by 0800 Roof Painters
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