Protect & beautify your roof with 0800 ROOF PAINTERS.

We perform roof maintenance, moss treatment, pressure cleaning, texturing & spraying on decramastic tiles, concrete tiles, ColourSteel and all other roof types.


(Pressed metal, chip coated)
  1. The roof is treated to remove algal growth and grime (moss & lichen etc.) -a non toxic detergent/chemical is used.
  2. Repairs to all damaged tiles – Reshaped – Dent removal – Renailing of all loose tiles – Rust treatment/removal
  3. On completion of structural repairs, the roof is then pressure cleaned, (expert roof water blasting) The house & paths/gardens, all exterior fixtures are carefully washed due to roof debris.
  4. Lead edge on gable roofs will either be replaced or completely removed so barges can be cut and folded.
  5. The roof is then primed, (base coat) with an acrylic bitumin coating designed to bind in with the original inferior tar coating.
  6. Re-chipping of entire roof, to manufacturers specifications. (this achieves an “as new” textured appearance).
  7. The roof is then covered with 2 coats of Procoat Roof topcoat and is then applied in selected finish and colour. A three directional spraying system is used to achieve maximum bonding of chip and uniform appearance.
  8. All borders and edges are masked or non-sprayable areas are carefully brushed in.
  9. Quality control inspection through out and on completion.
  10. Restoration to an “as new” condition.
Decramastic tiled roof, serviced by 0800 Roof Painters
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